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If you are reading this, it means that you are probably a survivor of suicide, and that you, on your life’s journey, are seeking answers to questions you can barely formulate.

I hope this website will be a relief on your journey, and that you will often find yourself at this station en route in your attempt to “understand”, and to find new meaning in life.

If a loved one took her or his own life, you are also robbed of your life. How can you live if your loved one could not live any longer? How could your love and help not have been enough to save your loved one from her or his fate? How could medicine and treatment not save her or him? How do we that remain, understand the cancer of the soul, depression, which cankered away our beloved ones’ will to live so that nothing mattered anymore to them?

Here, at this electronic retreat, you will hopefully find some rest, some respite, a little bit of comfort, and take away some consolation. You can even leave some comfort to others who will be travelling on this road after you.

Suicide must be one of the most cruel causes of death. This website will hopefully bring some relief in different forms. Browse the mouse over the tabs at the top of this page: there is inspiration in the form of quotations, there is information on counselling, a list of books that might provide some answers…
You yourself can also make a contribution by sending in what you found significant, to add to the existing lists in order to update our website. There is also a site where you can send in your memories of your beloved one in the form of her or his life story, together with a photograph. And there is also a Wall of Grief, where your loved one’s birthdate and day of death can be posted (see e-mail address below).

Whatever your needs might be, I hope this website will provide refreshment for your soul, a place where you can linger when your loss, your grief, your guilt and your longing become too overwhelming.
We can only survive if we stand together, if we grieve together, and we can also do it as a community, here in cyber space.  

You can also visit the website and the facebook group

Lizette Rabe Hörstmann